100 growth hacks 100 days
This is the first SlideShare adaption of Timothy E. Johansson’s 100 Growth Hacks in 100 Days. The growth hacks that’s included in the slide are 1 to 10. Timothy is the front-end developer at UserApp ( 
Growth Hacking: User Onboarding
The UX techniques modern startups are using to accelerate their growth.

Agile / Management / Business

How Virtual Teams Can Create Human Connections Despite Distance
In a recent Unify survey of knowledge workers, 79% of respondents reported working always or frequently in virtual teams, but only 44% found virtual communication as productive as face-to-face communication…
CEO conta segredos das métricas para startups
A palavra métrica já dá algum medo e quando entendemos que é o conjunto de dados sobre um produto –no caso de internet e aplicativos seriam acessos e downloads, por exemplo– que podem ajudar a fazê-lo crescer substancialmente, começamos a achar que é feitiçaria…
Web Giants: video and slides of January 24th conference at São Paulo
On January 24th in São Paulo, Mathieu Despriée – Consultant and Senior Architect at OCTO Technology – gave a talk about the innovative practices the Web Giants use to apply: Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix and LinkedIn to name some.
Combine Your Weaknesses with Your Strengths

Five years of Flaccid Scrum Five years ago, I wrote this post to highlight a particular problem we’d been seeing with project teams using Scrum but neglecting the technical practices you need for successful software development. I’m reposting it now as the problem is still with us, indeed it seems more common as Scrum and agile has become more popular. My advice still stands – ensure you take technical practices seriously when introducing Scrum (or indeed any agile approach).

Nicholas Pufal – CoffeeCup: 3 misconceptions about BDD
BDD has been often misunderstood among developers, QAs and even BAs. We often hear of teams saying that their project is using BDD, but when we check it out, it turns out to be using only a BDD tool for test automation – and not the BDD concepts itself. So in the end, we hear people arguing about the tools, and not about the ideas that inspired the creation of those tools..
Bounded Context is a central pattern in Domain-Driven Design. It is the focus of DDD’s strategic design section which is all about dealing with large models and teams. DDD deals with large models by dividing them into different Bounded Contexts and being explicit about their interrelationships…


Your Might not Need jQuery 
jQuery and its cousins are great, and by all means use them if it makes it easier to develop your application…
SegregatedDOM by Martin Fowler
Single-page web applications often turn into jQuery soup, where application logic, DOM manipulation, and server access are all mixed together…
Convincing Executives To Switch To Trunk Based Development
You want some of the benefits of Google and Facebook’s way, but don’t know how to sell it to executives, and blog entries are not enough?
Qual a dose certa de JavaScript?
Para uma linguagem de programação que começou de maneira tão despretensiosa, o JavaScript ganhou muito espaço. É bem verdade que alguns navegadores não dão suporte à linguagem, mas estes possuem propósitos particulares ou estacionaram em alguma era que não esta…
Minimizing Unreproducible Bugs 
Unreproducible bugs are the bane of my existence. Far too often, I find a bug, report it, and hear back that it’s not a bug because it can’t be reproduced. Of course, the bug is still there…
Paul Hammant: It is Time for Email Apps to Support JavaScript
Email applications should allow HTML emails with JavaScript in them. It’s 2014 for Pete’s sake!
Eclipse Announcements: Eclipse Foundation Celebrates 10th Anniversary
A lot has changed, our community is awesome and we look forward to the next 10 years!  
Evaluating NoSQL performance: Which database is right for your data?
Often referred to as NoSQL, non-relational databases feature elasticity and scalability. In addition, they can store big data and work with cloud computing systems. All of these factors make them extremely popular. In 2013, the number of NoSQL products reached 150 plus, and the figure is still growing…
Facebook Scaling Mercurial for Trunk Based Development 
Durham Goode, of Facebook runs through what they’ve done to Mercurial in 17 mins. All tech talks should be like this; Credit to the speaker and the editors at Twitter who packaged the presentation for us netizens.
7 Ways to be a Better Programmer in 2014
Great tips to help you sharpen your skills: Check Your Code First Before Looking to Blame Others, Continuous Learning, Don’t Be Afraid to Break Things, The Professional Programmer, Take Advantage of Code Analysis Tools, Ubuntu Coding for Your Friends, You Gotta Care About the Code.
Palestra: Escalando o pé de feijão: estratégias open source para automação na Nuvem


As 10 cidades mais fotografadas do mundo
O Google lançou um sistema no qual identifica as áreas mais fotografadas do planeta através da localização atribuída pelos usuários a imagens postadas no Panoramio, sua comunidade de compartilhamento de fotos…
Stretch Without Leaving Your Desk
Chances are, you’re slumped over in your chair right now, or craning your head down to read your phone…


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