Startup Design Framework contains components and complex blocks which can easily be integrated into almost any design. All of these components are made in the same style, and can easily be integrated into projects, allowing you to create hundreds of solutions for your future projects. 

The Pattern Library by the Most Talented Designers The Pattern Library is an on going project compiles patterns shared by the most talented designers out there for you to use freely in your designs. I really like the design of the site, which is user-friendly and responsive. You can pick your favorite pattern easily to download as you wish.

25 Examples of Big Typography in Web Design 
Using big typography on websites is continuing to be a popular design trend. The featured web designs in this post make a powerfully huge statement by using big type. 
20 Free Photoshop PSD flat UI kits 
Compilação de Ferramentas de Apoio a UX 
Nova funcionalidade do InVision permite reuniões colaborativas de apresentação de protótipos. 
Responsive Design: a impressora também é um dispositivo 
20 websites to find the best free fonts 
Front End Ops  As Alex Sexton laid out, it’s a thing. More and more people will be hired to do it specifically and organizations will start thinking of it as an important piece of the pie. These slides by Ian Feather help explain what that might look like. 


Supercharging your Grunt workflow: Over the last few months, my previous team and I at Zynga has been working hard on a more granular, JS-based alternative to Jasy…  
Bower na prática (front-end package management) 
Java Posse #434 –  Roundup ‘13 – Efficient Searching
A free and open source distributed realtime computation system. Storm makes it easy to reliably process unbounded streams of data, doing for realtime processing what Hadoop did for batch processing. Storm is simple, can be used with any programming language, and is a lot of fun to use! 
Testes isolados com jUnit Rules
Why Java skills are still golden for developers 
Front-end modularization with JSPs

5 reasons to be excited about Java in 2014: The Internet of Things is becoming a reality, A polyglottal renaissance, Java 8 (and they really mean it this time), Java’s development is (slowly) becoming more open, Coding is becoming aspirational. 
Tutorial: Developing Web Applications in Haskell
Palestra de Ian Robinson, Designing and building a graph database application

A modern approach to object creation in JavaScript
After stalling for several years, we’ve recently seen JavaScript language development making a fair amount of progress. The ECMAScript5-standard is now almost 3 years old and all major browser vendors support it in their current versions. So this may be the right time to really embrace new language features and adopt a modern style of development… 

Spring Framework 4.1 Announced
9 technologies for a supercharged 2014 
Enough with worthless 2014 predictions. We can’t control what the rest of the world will do — but we are the captains of our own fate. In case you hadn’t heard, 2014 is the year we stop talking and start doing in earnest. IMHO, here’s the stuff you should be rolling out… 
JavaOne 2013: The Top 15 Most-Viewed Sessions 
Palestra (Palestra: Scala na Web com Scalatra)
Groovy Weather: POGOs, Gson, and Open Weather by Ken Kousen of Making Java Groovy 
Dart can now write better JavaScript than you

Builder Pattern Using Java 8
Sharding, Scaling, Data Storage Methodologies, and More: Insights on Big Data
MongoDB Time Series: Introducing the Aggregation Framework 
Comparando Diversos Bancos NoSQL
Cassandra vs MongoDB vs CouchDB vs Redis vs Riak vs HBase vs Couchbase vs Neo4j vs Hypertable vs ElasticSearch vs Accumulo vs VoltDB vs Scalaris comparison 
Gradle Command-Line Conveniences
Understanding Spring Web Initialization
A Maturity Model for Build Automation How does your engineering organization build and deliver products to its customers? Similar to the well-known capability maturity model, the maturity level of a build automation system falls into one of the following: chaotic, repeatable, defined, managed, or optimized…

Apache Spark: The Next Big Data Thing? 

Apache Spark is generating quite some buzz right now. Databricks, the company founded to support Spark raised $14M from Andreessen Horowitz, Cloudera has decided to fully support Spark, and others chime in that it’s the next big thing. So I thought it’s high time I took a look to get an understanding what the whole buzz is around…

How do you implement Continuous Delivery?: Part 5 – Deployment Patterns 


YUIConf 2013 Talk: David Gomez on Forget Everything You Know About Testing, and Start Testing! 

Agile / Management

11º Princípio Ágil As melhores arquiteturas, requisitos e designs emergem de equipes auto-organizáveis: 
Mantra das possibilidades – papo no Agile Brazil 2013 

Um papo sobre algumas coisas que venho aprendendo, e muito das Metodologias Ágeis como uma filosofia e não somente um conjunto de práticas. 

Conversa Rápida – Manoel Pimentel e Dairton Bassi – Agile Alliance Brazil
Conversa Rápida – Dairton Bassi – Metas SMART 
Article: Interview with Ole Jepsen on Leadership in Agile

Every Day…
Esse excelente post de Jurgen Appelo nos leva a pensar no quanto é importante termos bons hábitos diários.

7 Things Successful People Do Every Day 
I have been interviewing over 30 multimillionaires, 5 billionaires, world-class athletes, NYT bestselling authors, and billionaires.  Moreover, having a family member who has been ranked # 21 wealthiest person in the US and #41 in the world by Forbes a few years back, gave me some insides on what ultra successful people do daily to become the best in the world.
Programa de benefícios para quem faz exercícios físicos: 
Rdio follows Spotify in adding free unlimited web listening to combat Beats Music   
Conversa Rápida – Raphael Molesim – Extented Hapiness Radar 
A fase do processamento do GTD (Getting Things Done)

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