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A Solução Definitiva para NullPointer?

Cobertura de testes unitários para Java com EclEmma

Presentation: 10 Ways to Get Super Productive with Spring Boot

Presentation: JDK 8: Lessons Learnt with Lambdas and Streams

Presentation: 40 Tips & Tricks for Spring in IntelliJ IDEA

Multi-Tenancy Using JPA, Spring, and Hibernate (Part 1)

Streams in Hibernate and Beyond

GOTO 2016 • Spring Boot for the Web Tier • Brian Clozel

Java Performance Monitoring: 5 Open Source Tools You Should Know

Aula Grátis de Groovy Closure

Java 8: Lambda ou method reference? Entenda a diferença

The Essential Java 9 Feature You Probably Never Heard Of

Spring Tips: Spring Tool Suite

We Don’t Need StringBuilder for Concatenation Anymore

Spring Framework New Versions

Best Sublime Text 3 Themes of 2016

Spring Statemachine 1.2.0 Released

Spring Session 1.3.0 Released

FP vs. OO

Mastering Programming

What Every Programmer Absolutely, Positively Needs To Know About Encodings And Character Sets To Work With Text

Freely available programming books

REST in Peace: Microservices vs monoliths in real-life examples

The Outrageous Cost of Skipping TDD & Code Reviews

Webhooks do’s and dont’s: what we learned after integrating +100 APIs


Radar da ThoughtWorks: novidades na edição de novembro de 2016

Babel: a JavaScript compiler.

Grafana: The leading tool for querying and visualizing time series and metrics

20 Web Apps That Ruled the Workplace in 2016

Spring Roo 2.0.0.M3 released

TypeScript 2.1 Released
The Most Popular DevOps Stories In 2016
Continuous delivery and why it matters
What Happens When No One and Everyone Owns a Product? (And how DevOps can help)…
Testing Strategies for Docker Containers…


Node.js: o que é esse Event Loop, afinal?


Authentication Strategies in Microservices Systems

As a general recommendation Borsos suggests using client-side tokens, using JWT, and an API gateway because it’s generally easier, simpler to implement and has good performance. SSO might work but he thinks it should be avoided.

Mastering Chaos – A Netflix Guide to Microservices

BI & Bancos de Dados

Running Tableau Online on AWS

10 business intelligence trends we expect to see in 2017

Presentation: ETL Is Dead, Long-live Streams

Road Rules for Tableau and Redshift

Tips to Becoming a Tableau Jedi

Basic Statistics in Tableau Tyler Martin

Tableau Server Tips from Deployment Chris Harris

Tableau Extreme Parameters

Tableau HR Dashboards

Tableau Accelerate your Dashboards

Tableau Web Data Connection

Tableau and Wallmart

3 AgileBI Things – Metadata (aka Data Catalog), BARC BI Survey, Agile Poster


Uber está perdendo 2 Bilhões por Ano

Seis plataformas populares para construção de chatbots


AWS re:Invent 2016: Add User Sign-In, User Management, and Security with Amazon Cognito (MBL310)

AWS re:Invent 2016: Getting Started with Serverless Architectures (CMP211)

AWS re:Invent 2016: Life Without SSH: Immutable Infrastructure in Production (SAC318)

AWS re:Invent 2016: Tableau Rules of Engagement in the Cloud (STG306)

AWS re:Invent 2016 Keynote: Werner Vogels

Introducing Amazon AppStream 2.0

AWS re:Invent 2016: What’s New with Amazon Redshift (BDA304)

AWS re:Invent 2016: From Monolithic to Microservices: Evolving Architecture Patterns (ARC305)

AWS re:Invent 2016: Architecting Next Generation SaaS Applications on AWS (ARC301)

Announcing AWS Batch

Introducing AWS Glue: Prepare and load data into data stores

AWS re:Invent 2016 Keynote: Andy Jassy

AWS re:Invent 2016: The Secret to SaaS (Hint: It’s Identity) (GPSSI404)

Introducing the Data Lake Solution on AWS

I have tested Amazon Athena and have gone ballistic

AWS Launches Amazon Linux Container Image


Lidando com a Síndrome do Impostor

GOTO 2016 • The Future of Software Engineering • Mary Poppendieck

Tips for Implementing Code Standards

Os prós e contras de usar métricas diárias

Como priorizar sem traumas

Como dizer “não” para seu cliente e ainda ser amado por ele

What Should We Measure?

Valores do Scrum… A importância que cada um deles tem no processo!

Eu já quase me afoguei no meu próprio backlog… e você?á-quase-me-afoguei-no-meu-próprio-backlog-e-você-4626b6dd64ae

Retrospective Anti-Patterns

Jogos de Gestão 3.0

4 Common Mistakes That Lead to Bad Hires (And How to Avoid Them)

Ranking of the Best Books about Agile Software Development in 2016é-faria-gomes

Kanban Calculations: How to Calculate Cycle Time

The Lead Time and Cycle Time Debate: When Does the Clock Start?

6 Planners That Will Make 2017 Your Most Productive Year Yet


Abandonei de vez o Photoshop para usar o Sketch

Designing Imaginative Style Guides

50+ best of “what’s new for designers” 2016

Menu hambúrguer: origem, desvantagens e alternativas de navegação mais eficientes

Podcast Movimento UX

Podcast: Design Sprints

Installing the Google PageSpeed Module–cms-26425

Front-End Performance Checklist 2017

Angular 2.3.0 Released; Naming Guidelines Explained

Design for Humanity

The most popular JavaScript links of 2016…

Design words with data…

The State of UX in 2017

10 things I learned making the fastest site in the world…

React or Vue: Which Javascript UI Library Should You Be Using?…


How the Most Emotionally Intelligent CEOs Handle Their Power

Podcast: The “Jobs to be Done” Theory of Innovation

Start-up culture is corrupting our youth and killing real entrepreneurship


Ficou ainda mais fácil planejar sua viagem com os novos recursos do Google Voos

Oi, Brasil: o Allo agora fala português!


DatabaseCast: Estatísticas

NoSQL: por quê? – Hipsters #22


Amazon cria Supermercado sem Filas

Caso de Sucesso Bluesoft & Public

What Great Managers Do Daily

O Venture Capital e a Desconstrução do Empreendedorismo…

HubSpot’s Playbook for Going From Startup to Scale-up…

Build a Business, Not a Financial Machine

Tell Your Company Story Like Tesla

How we structure our work and teams at Basecamp

How to analyze customer feedback and make it actionable


Elon Musk e CEO da Uber são os novos conselheiros de Trump

Concorrência para o Netflix: Amazon lança Prime Video no Brasil por US$ 2,99

Uber lança serviço de entrega de refeições em São Paulo

Bill Gates recomenda os 5 livros que mais gostou de ler em 2016

Os Melhores Investimentos para 2017

Globo de Ouro 2017: veja lista de indicados
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