Java8 In 8 Methods
Trying to summarize all the novelties of Java 8 is pretty hard, obviously you have the introduction of lambdas, but there are dozens of little gems just waiting you, in this post, i will try to summarize Java 8 in 8 new useful methods.
Artigo: Do Groovy ao Java 8
A nova sintaxe para estilos programação funcional, para lambdas, coleções de streaming e referências a métodos de cidadões de primeira classe. Os desenvolvedores Groovy terão uma vantagem quando começarem a escrever código Java no futuro. Esse artigo foca nos pontos em comum entre o Groovy e o Java 8 e irá demonstrar o qual familiar são os conceitos do Groovy traduzidos para o Java 8…

Thoughtworks® Technology Radar January 2014
The radar sets out what we think is interesting in software development today. Things that you should pay attention to and consider using in your projects.

How I Lost My $50,000 Twitter Username
A story of how PayPal and GoDaddy allowed the attack and caused me to lose my $50,000 Twitter username.

Vídeo Engraçado: Quem são os Devops?
What do you think of when you hear DevOps? 

Agile / Management / Business

Video: Holacracy® – A Meta-Game for Agile Organizations
Brian Robertson discusses how to bring agile to the organizational level. Agile software methods were some of the early influences in the development of Holacracy as we explored how do we take these principles that transform the way we build software, and apply them in how we do everything in the organization…
Happy Employees = Hefty Profits
It pays to invest in your people. It also happens to be the right thing to do…
5 Ways To Recognize Your Talent Culture
Stop a minute and think about that last one: your employees are unhappy. And a big part of your job is keeping employees engaged, productive and happy.
Careful — What You Measure Is What You Get 
“You cannot manage what you cannot measure” is a common mantra of today’s business world. But to really make a difference on projects, you also have to make sure you’re measuring — and communicating — the right things. 

Putting Employees Before Customers “The customer is always right,” is a familiar mantra to many customer service-focused businesses. But is it true? Sometimes, customers are unreasonable or even abusive. What do you do when one of those unruly clients has faced off with an employee?
Fight the dark side of Lean UX with the Experience Canvas
We’ve all been there. Those times where we realise that we’ve been sitting around arguing for hours over the small stuff, because we’ve forgotten about the bigger, more important stuff. Or to bring it into the realm of digital products: whether that interface should still have an accordion menu or should we change it to a set of tabs. But we’ve already shipped, and customers are used to it being this way! We can’t it change now… can we? Wouldn’t it be nice if we had something that helped us steer away from these arguments while there was still time? 

Development / Testing

Stack Overflow agora em português 
Nightwatch.js is a test framework that uses Selenium WebDriver. Tests are written as modules, so the exported functions are run as test cases. The first parameter is a client object, that has a chainable API for scripting access to webpages.
Amazon SQS – New Dead Letter Queue 
In order to give you more control over message handling in SQS queues, we are introducing the concept of a Dead Letter Queue (DLQ). You exercise control over the Dead Letter Queue using a Redrive Policy…

New Book: Cassandra Design Patterns
Understand and apply Cassandra design and usage patterns, and solve real-world business or technical problems
New Book: Advanced Topics in Java: Core Concepts in Data Structures
What are and how to use some advanced algorithms, implemented in Java?
How to create, manipulate and use linked lists, stacks and queues?
How to use random numbers to program games and simulations?
How to work with files, binary trees and hash tables?
Sophisticated sorting methods such as heapsort, quicksort and merge sort. How to implement all of the above in Java?
Presentation: Guerilla Scala Programming at eBay
In the last few years, Scala and Scoobi have become the standard infrastructure at eBay. Alex Cozzi, a member of their Search Sciences Team, talks about his experience using the language and framework to develop MapReduce programs on Hadoop at eBay. This is a fun talk connecting advanced languages, big data, and a website with a long history. Alex also gives you a few good reasons for bringing Scala to a startup near you. 
The Failures of “Intro to TDD”
The problems with how TDD is typically introduced are fundamental, because they put the learner on a path that leads to a destination which might resemble where they want to go, but doesn’t actually show them the way to the promised destination itself. This sort of phenomenon happens often enough that I’ve decided to finally settle on a name: “WTF now, guys?”
The Selenium Infrastructure at
Learn how scales its Selenium infrastructure not through SeleniumGrid, or using the Jenkins plugin like other companies, but rather through continuously provisioning and destroying Selenium hosts…
Webinar: Introduction to Spring Framework 4.0
he Spring Framework re-invented enterprise Java in the last decade. Together with the rest of the upcoming Spring IO micro platform, a new Spring Framework generation will power the next decade of JVM-based innovation. Join Juergen Hoeller and the Spring Team to learn about Spring Framework 4.0, its refined annotation-based component and configuration model, and how it relates to Java 8, Java EE 7, Groovy, WebSockets, as well as Spring Boot and Spring Integration.
Webinar: Spring Security 3.2
Spring Security is a powerful and highly customizable authentication and access-control framework and is the de-facto standard for securing Spring-based applications. Whether you are itching to learn how to use Spring Security for the first time or you want to learn about all the new features in Spring Security 3.2 this presentation is a must. 
Palestra: Spring Testing 
Is it possible to decrease the turn-around time of your test suite? How can you make sure that your tests execute independently? Is it possible to automatically verify that the database schema is kept in sync with the source code? What are the trade-offs? In this presentation, you will learn how to apply features such as the Spring MVC Test Framework, Spring profiles, and embedded databases, to automate and improve your test suite, thus improving the overall quality of your project. A simplistic Spring web app will be used to show some practical code examples. 
Palestra: Webinar: Spring with Immutability
Readers of Josh Bloch’s “Effective Java” are sometimes perplexed when they reach Item #15: “Minimize Mutability.” If we are to minimize mutability, then obviously we must maximize immutability. While all Java programmers utilize immutable objects every day (e.g. java.lang.String), when asked to create our own immutable classes, we often hesitate. However, if we push through this hesitation, we’ll reap the benefits of simpler reasoning about program correctness, free thread safety, and other benefits.
Palestra: DevOps Patterns to Scale Web Applications using Cloud Services
Scaling a web applications can be easy for simple CRUD software running when you use Platform as a Service Clouds (PaaS). But if you need to deploy a complex software, with many components and a lot users, you will need have a mix of cloud services in PaaS, SaaS and IaaS layers. You will also need knowledge in architecture patterns to make all these software components communicate accordingly. In this article, we share our experience of using cloud services to scale a web application. We show usage examples of load balancing, session sharing, e-mail delivery, asynchronous processing, logs processing, monitoring, continuous deployment, realtime user monitoring (RUM). These are a mixture of development and system operations (DevOps) that improved our application availability, scalability and performance.
Google lança plugin do AdSense para WordPress
O Google anunciou um plugin que adiciona o Google AdSense dentro de posts do WordPress. A empresa adiantou que tem planos para levar mais serviços para o plugin em breve, que está atualmente em beta. A experiência da migração para uma plataforma REST
Conheça a experiência do time do Apontador no desenvolvimento de uma nova API REST usando Java e Spring: desafios encontrados, problemas/soluções e o resultado da experiência de um ano de desenvolvimento de uma nova plataforma de busca de locais.

Design / UX

Palestra: Arquitetura Comportamental: interfaces que influenciam o usuário
Como conhecer bem os elementos visuais e sua influência nos usuários pode ser determinante para o sucesso da sua aplicação.

Cultura / Curiosidades

Video Review for How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
Apple – Mac 30 – Thirty years of innovation
Thirty years ago, the Mac put the power of technology in everyone’s hands, launching a generation of innovators who continue to change the world. This video celebrates some of those pioneers and the incredible impact they’ve made.
TED Talk: Yves Morieux: As work gets more complex, 6 rules to simplify
Video: Announcing TED-Ed Clubs!
Learn more about TED-Ed Clubs: 
Learn Latin, Old English, Sanskrit, Classical Greek & Other Ancient Languages in 10 Lessons
I receive weekly reminders of my linguistic ignorance whenever I read anything by authors fluent in Latin. How could I not, whenever Clive James starts to pontificate on the greatness of, say, Tacitus?
The 2 Teenagers Who Run the Wildly Popular Twitter Feed @HistoryInPics 
Meet Xavier Di Petta and Kyle Cameron, ages 17 and 19, whose ability to build a massive audience from nothing may be unparalleled in media today.
Explain Bitcoin Like I’m Five
Build Awesome LEGO Bricks Online with Chrome
Build with Chrome is the largest LEGO® set the world has ever seen. Developed with the latest web technology in Chrome, Build is a place for everyone to imagine, create and explore building with LEGO bricks online.


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