Agile / Management

Three Keys to a Successful Remote Team | Management-Issues


Hibernate ORM 4.3.1.Final Release 
Google Code is Dead 
10 MySQL Settings to Tune After Installation 
Become a Programmer, Motherfucker 
30 Best Websites to Learn Design and Development 
Apache Tomcat 8 Features 
Java Posse #435 – Roundup ‘13 – Cloud Performance Monitoring 


The Google Test and Development Environment – Pt. 3: Code, Build, and Test 

Business / Startups

Intercom Raises Another $23M For Its New, More Social Approach To CRM 
Intercom, a platform for companies to provide personalised customer responses online, is today announcing that it has raised another $23 million… 

Google Launches AdSense Direct, A New Tool For Direct Ad Sales 
GitHub President Becomes CEO, CEO Becomes President In Executive Role Swap
Checklist for Book Writers 
My Advice for Starting a Business : zenhabits 
How do you create a product people want to buy? 
The 10 Business Books That Changed My Thinking 

Curiosidades / Cultura

Albert Einstein Holding an Albert Einstein Puppet (Circa 1931) 
Download Over 250 Free Art Books From the Getty Museum 
“The Tolkien Professor” Presents Three Free Courses on The Lord of the Rings 
See The Original Alice In Wonderland Manuscript, Handwritten & Illustrated By Lewis Carroll (1864) 
Sherlock Holmes Is Now in the Public Domain, Declares US Judge 
Halle Tecco: The Value of Learning How to Sell 

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